Seminar Information

Friday, March 24th
※Limited to business visitors
Talk session on Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai
Creative Director
Osaka/Kansai Expo Event Planning Producer
Kenji Kohashi
Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition
director-general of planning bureau
Issei Hatayama
Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau
board chairman
Hiroshi Mizohata
Osaka Convention & Visitors Bureau
Director for MICE Policy and Director for Expo/IR Promotion
Yoshikazu Tanaka
How to start using IT from the field
Hoshino Resort
Information System Group IT Service Management Unit
Junko Kotake
What is the inbound information dissemination strategy in the post-corona era?
Yu Aoki
Reality metaverse and real travel are the best combination
TravelDX Co., Ltd. and MATRIX Co., Ltd. / Sales Manager
Ryosuke Shima
About Digital Marketing for Tourism
Vpon JAPAN K.K. / Sales Director
Kensuke Aida
Saturday, March 25th
※Please note that the opening time for general visitors will be from 13:00.
※Limited to business visitors
Latest trends in sustainable tourism in national parks
Ministry of the Environment / Director, National Park Utilization Promotion Office, National Park Division, Nature Conservation Bureau
Takahiro Okano
Japan National Tourism Organization / Planning General Office Business and Promotion Management Group Manager
Ryo Ito
※Limited to business visitors
Recommendations for learning about world heritage sites! -Tips for making educational travel a place of deeper learning-
World Heritage Examination Secretariat / Chief Researcher
Hikaru Miyazawa
※Both general and business visitors are eligible
Lonely travel gourmet, even Michikusa is delicious!
Manga artist ・ Musician
Masayuki Kusumi
※Both general and business visitors are eligible
Immigration and Interaction Trends and Utilization of the “Immigration Support System”
Japan Organization for Internal Migration / Secretariat Deputy Director General Counselor
Aakimasa Watanabe